As a leading brand for personal care and hygienic products,
NuFresh boasts a range of exceptional wet wipes catering to a wide range of convenient cleansing
& skincare applications from head to toe.

Anti-Bacterial Wipes

NuFresh Anti-Bacterial Wipes is total solution to daily on-the-go hand cleansing. From killing germs to just cleaning up messes, use any time when soap and water are not available. Your skin will feel clean and soft, with the soothing pH balanced and mild hand sanitizing cleansing formula.

(New!) Ultra Mini Wipes

NuFresh Ultra Mini Wipes are ideal for dealing with sticky fingers and minor spills. Its pocket-friendly size makes it convenient for use while on-the-go.

All-Purpose Large Moist Wipes

Our Large Moist Wipes are made for all-purpose with a mild & refreshing after-feel.

Personal Cleansing Wet Wipes

Made for the daily body hygiene, these wipes are designed for people on-the-go, offering convenient and effective personal refreshment for the entire body.

Moist Tissues

Our durable, all-purpose moist cleansing tissues come in a convenient size to tuck away in purse, handbags, desk drawers and more.

Facial Cleansing Wipes

Good skin begins with the right facial cleanser. NuFresh Facial Cleansing Wipes are thick & soft with extra gentle formulation that remove dirt, impurities and all types of make-up effectively, even waterproof mascara without rubbing, leaving skin cleansed, soft and moisturised. They are gentle enough to be used around sensitive eye area.

Feminine Wipes

Our fluffy-soft feminine wipes are lightly scented to help provide the ultimate clean, soothing and fresh feeling throughout the day.

Personal Toilet Wipes

NuFresh Personal Toilet Wipe are made from hydro-entangled nonwoven which are water-dispersible and hence bio-degradable and flushable.

Hygienic Wet Tissues (Cup)

NuFresh Hygienic Wet Tissue is designed as a ‘handy cup’ and it is perfect for personal care use. Each cup is conveniently sized to fit snugly and securely in the cup holder of your vehicle, so you can easily grab a wet tissue while on-the-go!

Wet Glove Bathing Wipes

NuFresh Wet Glove Bathing Wipes are premoistened and made for the daily body hygiene, assuring an effective cleansing and hygienic action.

Mini Wipes

NuFresh all-purpose mini cleansing tissues is compact convenient and hygienic.