Press Release: NuFresh Ultra Mini Wet Wipes

15-03-2017 04:32:02 PM

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Singapore ­- 15th March 2017


Kleen-Pak launches its new Ultra Mini Wipes under NuFresh brand. NuFresh Ultra Mini Wipes is ideal for on-the-go cleaning.

Our pleasantly scented ultra mini wipes offers a neat solution to dealing with sticky fingers or minor spills. It provides a mild and refreshing feeling. Each wipes are enriched and formulated with Aloe Vera which helps to soothe skin and protective Vitamin E.

This product is soft and strong, alcohol-free and perfect for parties, travelling or staying outdoor.

Each Ultra Mini Wipes consist of 8 pre-moistened sheets which are resealable. This handy, pocket-friendly pack fits neatly into your handbag and purse.

SRP: S$1.95
PACK SIZE: 120mm x 55mm
WIPE SIZE: 140mm x 175mm
SHEET COUNT: 8 Sheets  
LAUNCH DATE: March 2017
RETAILERS: Cold Storage Singapore & Mustafa Centre

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