Kleen-Up is a wide range of household cleaning wipes that caters to all cleaning needs within your home and personal environment.

Dry Wiper Sheets

Using an advanced 3-dimensional, longitudinal-patterned wiper sheet consisting of grooves designed to catch dirt & hair more effectively, even the finest speck of dust.

Wood Wet Floor Wipes

Kleen-Up Wood Wet Floor Wipes are specifically formulated to care for your wood. It safely cleans away dust, dirt, and grime to reveal wood's natural beauty and restore floors natural shine.

Wet Floor Wipes

Kleen-Up Wet Floor wipes offer a convenient way to remove light dirt & grime, clean & disinfect floor surfaces quickly without the hassle of measuring pouring & rinsing in the usual floor cleaning chores.

Glass Cleaning Wipes

Contain amongst other ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol, Ethanol, Surfactant and Preservatives.

Furniture Care Wipes

Kleen-Up Furniture Care Wipes offer a convenient 4-in-1 use to clean, polish and protect your furniture quickly within a wipe.

Household Cleaning & Disinfecting Wipes

Household cleaning & disinfecting wipes – great for all purpose use for cleaning on all hard & non-porous surfaces throughout the home, in the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere that harmful germs can gather.